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Airbus A330 (PW4000) Engine including Interfaces B1 from B2 Differences Theoretical

This course covers the theoretical differences on the engine and engine interfaces to Cat B1 from Cat B2

Airbus A330 (PW4000) B2 Practical Differences from A330 (GE CF6) B2 Practical

This course covers the practical differences for Cat B2 due to engine difference

Boeing 737-600/700/800/900 (CFM 56) Category C

This course covers the training required by Cat C licenced personnel and certifying staff for the second and subsequent aircraft types. It...
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Category 10 / Initial / Classroom

This course is for flight crew members and load planners

Fuel Tank Safety – Phase 1 / Recurrent / Classroom

This course is aimed at those who represent the maintenance management structure; quality management and quality assurance staff